Welcome to Enduro GP Estonia 2021! For the second time in history, Estonia is hosting an Enduro GP, but for the first time it is held on our beautiful island of Saaremaa. We welcome you all in the land of the midnight

Saaremaa: The Ibiza of Estonia. Saaremaa is the biggest island in Estonia. On this very island you can find the geographical midpoint of Europe. It is a beautiful island with lots of sandy beaches, juniper and pine forests, wild berries in the summer and mushrooms in autumn. When you come to Saaremaa all your worries are left behind on the mainland – life is truly peaceful and beautiful here.

Kuressaare: Distance from Tallinn 220 km, driving time 4 h 30 min (including ferry)

Distance from Riga 340 km, driving time 6 h (including ferry).

Enduro GP Estonia 2021 course: 4 tests in and near Kuressaare, total length of the lap 55 km, riding time 2 h 05 min, at least 3 laps per day.

Paddock and Super Test are situated near the Kuressaare City Marina and town beach.

Grand Opening and parade through the Kuressaare Castle to Kuressaare City Center. On Friday the opening parade of Enduro GP Estonia will pass through the Kuressaare castle- fortification. It is the best preserved medieval fortress in the Baltic countries. In the castle, of which the first written records date back to 1380, is the oldest and biggest museum of the island, the most beautiful view on Kuressaare as well as the highest café in Kuressaare. The opening and award ceremonies will be held on the central square of Kuressaare.

Eating out:: Special offer during the Enduro GP Estonia week for all participants in Pub Vaekoda. The Pub Vaekoda is situated in Kuressaare Citiy Center, next to the podium and parc ferme. Catering will also be available in the Paddock.

Excursions in Kuressaare: on Saturday the City of Kuressaare offers excursions around the town for all interested parties. The excursions start at around 11 AM (TBC), last about 1 hour and are in English and Finnish. The excursions are free of charge.

Enduro GP Estonia afterparty at the Nightclub Diva on Sunday evening. Right in the center of Kuressaare, the club hosts the best parties in town! Club Diva